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Security Alarm Installation & Monitoring

Shield Your Family, Home, Business from Intruders

Insurance Discounts

Did you know it is possible to lower your business or home property insurance premiums by up to 20% when you install an alarm system? Yes, it is true. Most property insurance companies offer extended discounts if your property has a monitored security alarm system.


Quick Access to Emergency Services

The panic button option included on the security panel gives customers direct access to emergency services.
This can be used in cases of:

  • home invasion

  • medical emergencies

  • other occasions where a phone isn’t nearby.

Alarm monitoring service provides our customers with safety and security for their loved ones, their possessions, and everything in between. To ensure our team is at your disposal 24/7 – 365.


Life Safety

Monitored alarm systems may also include smoke detectors that send help whether you’re home or not. Even if you don’t set the alarm before you leave, the smoke detector will still alert the monitoring service in the event of a fire. They are designed to defend lives and protect property giving people added time to escape, and emergency services to be notified.


Shielding the public and promoting the safe evacuation of customers, employees, and the protection of property present in a building. These are all top priorities here at Arber. Due to the varied nature of these environments, there are different types of life safety systems to fulfill specific requirements and needs of our valued customers.

Fire protection equipment saves lives, and properties. There can be no better investment than to ensure that the people you love and the people around you are fully protected.

Peace of Mind

A home security system can provide peace of mind to families. Just knowing that their home is protected while they are away and can provide them with reassurance.

Some home alarm systems provide medical alert pendants to wear and give the wearer the ability to call for help. A person who is elderly or someone who may be unable to get out of the house with the agility required in some precarious situations will have the peace of mind knowing that assistance is on its way.

Home security is beneficial for family members such as children of working parents who are home alone for extended periods of time; a home security system provides peace of mind.

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