The success of Arber is based on providing great products and services to our customers, every day.


           Security Guards

Arber Inc recognizes that with all high visibility locations, such as Office Buildings, Commercial Complexes, and Construction Sites. Security Officers must be professional in appearance and behavior, as well as possessing thorough knowledge and training of security procedures.

Arber Inc develops clear concise security measures for every customer; utilizing effective emergency procedures in the event of, fire, flooding, bomb threat, theft, vandalism, or civil unrest, integrating up to date evacuation strategies.

With Arber Inc, you can have confidence that your property is being protected with competent professional Security Officers,

Areas of concern for Human Resource Departments has become Violence in the Workplace from disgruntle employees, employee’s personal issues or an outside threat. Arber Inc has responded to our Client’s concerns by offering solutions when a possible threat exists.

 Arber Inc’s name is synonymous with integrity, vigilance and peace of mind, supported by knowledgeable security professionals and a dedicated and experienced management team.


Some Services Provided:

• Multiple Guards, Multiple locations
• Long-term and Permanent Placement
• Short Term and Temporary Placement (Such as Construction Sites)
• Lobby Ambassadors
• Gate Concierges
• Surveillance Team
• Foot and Vehicle Patrol Services
• Consulting Services
• Risk Assessment/ Risk Management
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Security Policies and Procedure

Security Monitoring


Insurance Discounts

Did you know it is possible to lower your insurance premiums by up to 20%when you install an alarm system?

The safety and security the alarm monitoring provides for our customers, their possessions, give insurance companies peace of mind. They know if you have a monitoring service, any damage or theft is likely to have aquicker resolution.

Fire Safety

Monitored alarm systems may also include smoke detectors that send helpwhether you’re home or not. Even if you don’t set the alarm before you leave, the smoke detector will still alert the monitoring service in the event of a fire.

Easy Theft Deterrent

Even displaying a sign or sticker from an alarm monitoring service can significantly lower the risk of theft. Thieves, especially those who are looking for an easy score, tend to avoid homes and offices with security systems simply because there is a higher chance of being caught.

Quickly Access to Emergency Services

The panic button option included on the security panel gives customersdirect access to emergency services. This can be used in cases of home invasion, medical emergencies, and other occasions where a phone isn’t nearby.

These benefits are all provided by Arber Inc. This means you can trulytrust the service you receive. If you’re ready to install an alarm monitoring service for your home or business, give us a call.

Video Surveillance


Surveillance cameras are an efficient and verified crime deterrence tool.  They assist in discouraging criminals from trespassing, vandalizing, andstealing equipment and other belongings.

Cameras can improve employee safety. Installing a camera where Employees Park can greatly increase the security and protection of your employees. Strategically placing cameras to monitor the side or the back of a building were entry doors may exist helps to ensure their protection.


Installing cameras in dimly lit areas to increase security is appreciated by employees, business tenants and other patrons alike.  

If a person is injured on your property and mentions “lawsuit”, it will be a he said she said situation if you don’t have video surveillance. Investing in cameras can potentially save your business thousands of dollars by discouraging frivolous lawsuits.


Installing cameras can help increase productivity; employees who know they are on camera are more likely to remain on task. Employees are alsoless likely to steal company property when there are cameras.

Keep a watchful eye on your investments after hours, or when you have gone home.